Who We Are

Founded in 2011, Global 78 Limited is an independent practice that provides research services and specialist advice for companies across extended supply chains. It operates with a multi-disciplinary team of accredited associates. Projects discovering new perspectives for responsible sourcing, security of supply, true cost-efficiency, and enhanced value enable its clients to develop their policy, strategy or operations for real bottom-line improvement.

Based in the United Kingdom, its professional team has an important international dimension; with some members also being located in Brazil and the United States. This contributes significantly to an ability to comprehend diverse cultures and working practices; to remain objective when analysing ‘on-the-ground’ situations that reflect operational reality; as well as to understand, map and analyse global process flows of materials and information.

Although Global 78 is a relatively young consultancy, its team members draw on extensive commercial and industrial experience. Because of this strength, its client base already includes organisations such as Carrier Corporation, DP World, Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, and UK government. The practice also has an ethos of working closely with clients to deliver high-quality results and therefore has a notable track record of securing repeat business.

Global 78 maintains an effective engagement with leading academic institutions including the University of Nottingham (School of Economics and School of Biosciences); and also with organisations such as Campden BRI in the field of food and drink research. It is also keen to encourage new talent: in this connection Andrew Morgan, Global 78’s founder director, runs an internship for final-year economics students at the Cheltenham Ladies’ College.

With its combination of in-depth experience and broad geographical reach, Global 78 is ideally placed to bring practical, sound, tangible benefits to its clients’ operations. Its ethos of close collaboration, along with its focus on discovering new perspectives for value chain improvement, enable it to satisfy the real business needs of its most demanding clients.