Our Team


Andrew Morgan

Andrew is the Director of Global 78. With over 30 years’ industrial experience since 1978, he has worked as an international business consultant since 1990. His sector experience has included agri-business, paper and pulp; service support in the IT industry; lubricants’ distribution; food manufacture; and grocery retail. It has been gained with organisations of the calibre of BP, Dell, Gulf Oil, Electrolux, Kerry Foods, Kraft Foods, Perdig√£o (Brazil), Sadia (Brazil), Safeway Stores and Unilever.

An ‘operational strategist’ he combines attention to detail with an ability to see the bigger picture. His work on logistical and supply chain strategy projects, particularly in Europe and South America, has required sound knowledge and understanding of order administration; inventory management; warehousing; and transport (by both land and sea, including port operations).

A Chartered Member of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK), he was the co-author of the UKIBC report “India Agri-Food Supply Chains: Overview and Opportunities” (2011); and with his colleague Peter Baker of the Defra report “Resilience of the (UK) Food Supply to Port Disruption”. He founded Global 78 in 2011 to become a centre of excellence for (upstream) supply chain research.


Peter Baker

Peter works along with Global 78 as an associate and has been an independent consultant since 1998. He is a highly experienced professional in the ports, shipping and transport sector, and brings a broad range of commercial, analytical and financial skills to Global 78 projects.

Peter has detailed knowledge of the UK and Ireland’s short sea RoRo ferry and container services, following a career with Exxtor Shipping Services, the annual production of the UK and Irish Short Sea RoRo and LoLo Capacity Reports. The benefits of that expertise has come to the fore when working with clients such as Scottish Enterprise, DFDS Seaways and DEFRA.

However, Peter’s experience also includes projects in Jamaica, Norway, Russia and Saudi Arabia, which provides Global 78 with a strong in-depth understanding of port operations and shipping activities across the world.


Patricia Salume

Patricia joined as an Associate Senior Consultant in 2012, after completing her Executive MBA at Henley Business School. She had over 10 years’ prior experience working in Brazil and the UK, in both private and public sectors. An experienced project manager, Patricia has successfully delivered a range of projects from developing charity funding structures to public sector employment schemes.

Within Global 78 she provides outstanding research support and business analysis for projects. This has included work for DP World London Gateway, now emerging as one of Europe’s major container ports and with Sainsbury’s Supermarkets, one of the UK’s largest retailers. Patricia brings a combination of strong relationship management skills; a holistic understanding of markets and their behaviour; combined with a systemic approach to business analysis and solution development.


Beatriz Luz

Beatriz joined Global 78 as an Associate Senior Consultant in 2015. Based in Sao Paulo, she will specialise in the sustainability and resource efficiency aspects of client projects. She has strong analytical and research skills, extensive experience and is an excellent communicator at all levels.

With an MSc in Water and Environmental Engineering from Surrey University in the UK, she has worked in government-funded programmes such as the UK’s National Industrial Symbiosis Programme (NISP). This explored how industrial by-products and waste could become energy or raw material sources for other industries. More recently, she has focused on packaging sustainability, green materials, and life cycle analysis projects in Brazil, Europe and the USA. She will enable Global 78 and its clients to develop an in-depth understanding of sustainability issues and find opportunities around the new circular economy.


Nick Morgan

As a Research Associate since 2012, Nick is responsible for gathering source data, statistical and spatial analysis. His role also involves writing industry reports, to help clients to stay abreast of market and industry news and so determine how best to take a project forward. His analytical work has supported major client projects on global food supply markets and European demand patterns and also on key cold chain sustainability issues and practice.

He is a keen observer of ‘real-life’ situations, as evidenced both by his South American experience and by his recently-completed six-month assignment in East Africa, which resulted in the production of his East Africa Infrastructure report. This provided commentary on the current situation of road, rail, air, and ports infrastructure across the region, including Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.


Abigail Wilcox

Abigail works with Global 78 as a Media Research Associate based in Long Island, New York. She undertakes an ongoing on-line media watch both on the international business media and also on specific trade and government publications. This is done both for themed knowledge-building for the Global 78 Support Centre and to meet individual project requirements.

Abigail’s research means that the Global 78 team always has relevant and up-to-date information on a wide range of aspects around the international supply chain. Her ability to gather, collate and disseminate information thus assisting Global 78 to deliver projects not only on time but also with accuracy. By being located in the USA, Abigail also has a keen understanding of the ‘on-the-ground’ situation in North America, which further builds Global 78’s worldwide perspective.