Feeding London 2030 – Facing the logistical challenge

Food security is a matter of increasing international concern. Cities around the world are facing the challenges of changing lifestyles and eating patterns, diverse cultures, rising population levels, stressed urban infrastructure, and the need to protect the natural environment.

The modern food industry is a highly complex global business. Actors include food and drink producers, manufacturers and processors, food wholesalers and wholesale markets, grocery retailers, hospitality and food service enterprises, and logistics service providers.

Commissioned by the UK Warehousing Association, this Global 78 research report provides a comprehensive picture of food supply chains into and around London.

Publisher: Publisher: UK Warehousing Association
Published: 2016
Author(s): Andrew Morgan, Nick Morgan and Patricia Salume

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Resilience of the Food Supply to Port Disruption

More than 90% of the UK’s food imports arrive by sea and therefore the security of supply through UK ports is vital in terms of feeding the nation’s population. This includes sustaining UK food and drink processors and manufacturers that rely on the import of bulk commodities and food ingredients, as well as supplying the grocery retail and catering sectors with a wide range of agricultural and processed food products… Read more

Published: 2012 (Defra Report FO0108)
Author(s): Peter Baker and Andrew Morgan

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